Here’s a random questionnaire from the everchanging world of facebook. It’s all about my husband who has LEFT ME once again. He knows how much I hate that. I think it’s guilt that causes him to call me so faithfully when he travels – although he’s pretty convincing when he tells me that he misses me and that it’s good to hear my voice.

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Fill out the questions and then tag your girlfriends (including the one who tagged you) and see what they have to say about their significant other! Don’t forget to upload a picture of you and your sweetie (preferably from your wedding, but any picture will do)!

Q: How did you meet your husband and how old were you?

A: I was 18 and a camp counselor. I was having dinner with the camp directors on a Saturday when he drove up to be the missionary speaker for the week. When they said that Roger Voth was here, I assumed he would be a 40-something man with a wife and a houseful of kids waiting for him at home. When I saw instead a young attractive 25-year-old guy who looked 19, I was…. pleasantly surprised.

Q: Was it love at first sight?
A: It was let-me-adjust-my-thinking-to-include-THIS at first sight. 🙂

Q: How did you know you were supposed to marry him?
A: I knew because, at the time, he was the only person who I could completely be myself with. We shared the same dreams, standards, values. We wanted to raise the same kind of children. He was a stronger Christian than I was. I knew that I could easily let him be the spiritual leader in our house. ….. Or… I could tell the completely superficial but completely honest truth: He made me feel beautiful. I’d never believed that anyone would look at me that way. Especially not an intelligent, friendly athlete of a guy who everyone liked. He was obsessed with me and I fell for it. 🙂

Q: What was the first date like?
A: hmmm… we were already madly in love by the time we had a first real date. We had spent time together at camp, talked on the phone and sent lots of letters between North Carolina and Oklahoma. I think our “first date” was in Tulsa. We went out to eat, he bought a guitar and I bought a watch that I wore for years.

Q: Where did your first kiss take place?
A: Outside the basement door at my parents’ house. The part that I never expected? It was 3 days AFTER we got engaged. He asked me if he could kiss me and I said no. Being the romantic and eloquent lover that he is, he made this unforgettable statement. “Hey, we have to do it sometime. We might as well get it over with.” It was much nicer than I expected.

Q: Where did you go on dates?
A: That’s hard to remember. We’ve lived life together for so long. We do everything together, and I’ll choose to believe for the moment that we always have. 🙂

Q: Do you know everything there is to know about your husband?
A: I always think I do. And then he pops up with a new childhood memory or college experience that surprises me, or he does something random like…. getting addicted to a morning cup of coffee. But, in general… yes. We don’t keep things from each other.

Q: Were your parents supportive of you when you started dating?
A: Yes. I asked him a question in a letter one time, something like,“What dreams do you have for your future?” He answered the question with a long list of things that he would love to do in the future. Maybe it was that moment that I knew for sure he was the man I would marry. It was just an open honest picture of a godly man – everything that I would have dreamed of if I’d had enough sense to dream about the right kind of qualities in my future spouse. Fortunately for me, God is gracious. He didn’t wait around until I had the sense to realize what I really wanted. He just gave it to me anyway. 🙂 Anyway…. I was reading this letter (or thinking about it) when I was coming home from a night class. I got all emotional over it and I was crying when I walked in the basement door – and past my father who thought that something bad had happened. The only way I knew to explain it was to let him read the letter. I’m pretty sure he approved from that moment.

Q: Was your wedding what you expected it to be?
A: All I expected was a wedding that didn’t follow the cliché norm. I wanted it to be uniquely us. It was. If I was doing it over again…. I just might go off to the courthouse and skip all of the fuss. I hate to be the center of attention. Oh! There was one moment that I didn’t expect. Knowing Roger… it wouldn’t have been out of character for him to surprise me by grabbing a microphone and singing to me in the middle of the ceremony. Forgive me if that’s romantic to you, but I just thought it was tacky and overdone. (I didn’t want to stand there staring at him sing while everyone else stared at me staring at him.) I had a friend who was supposed to be singing a song in our wedding, but when we found out that he wasn’t going to be able to make it, we settled for just listening to the original recording while we lit the unity candles. Well, I settled for that. Roger came over to the church early that morning and recorded himself singing the song. If you watch my face on our wedding video, you can almost see the thoughts running through my head: “Wait, that’s not Geoff Moore and the Distance. Hey, that’s not Scott! What?! ……. Oh!” As far I was concerned, it was a pretty classy little surprise.

Q: How long was it till you got engaged after you started dating?
A: We started writing letters in January 1996, he sent me flowers on Good Friday…. Phone calls must have started somewhere in between there? We spent 4 weeks working together at camp in June. I visited him in Oklahoma in…. August?? And we got engaged October 3rd.  The day before my 20th birthday.

Q: Long or short engagement?
A: 6 months. I wouldn’t recommend anything longer. (Unless you never see each other. In which case, you might as well not get married.)

Q: What was one of the things that attracted you to your husband?
A: The first thing (other than the fact that he wasn’t old and married) was when we were sitting in church together the morning after we met. He sang really well. And he wasn’t ashamed to. That was new for me. I’d never known a guy who would sing hymns and even harmonize.

Q: Do you believe he is your soul mate?
A: Yes. I believe that even in heaven, there will be a special relationship between him and me – not because we happen to be married to each other here on earth, but because our hearts are so mixed up together.

Q: Are you happy that you married him?
A: Oh, yes! It was the kindest thing I ever did. The man would be lost without me. 🙂 No, that’s a joke. I’m afraid that he would get along a lot better without me than I would without him. He’d just be a little less well-fed.

Q: Place your husband was born and date?
A: Dallas, TX – 12/23/69

Q: Occupation?
A: camp director

Q: What does he do for fun the weekends?
A:  (As a camp director, “weekends” often come in the middle of the week or in a free hour after lunch…) He takes care of animals, spends time with people, plays the gamecube or chess with our kids, talks with me over a strong, hot cup of coffee, reads occasionally, and sometimes he makes things. He rarely does what most people call “relax.”

Q: What was his first thought of you when you first met?
A: That I was a little high school girl. (But I wasn’t! I’d been out of high school for a whole year!) 🙂

Q: Does he snore at night while sleeping?
A: not enough to bother me

Q: If you could go one place with him anywhere in the world where would that be?
A: Mexico. Not because I have any burning desire to be there, but he’s always said that he wants to take me.

Q: Is he the best thing that ever happened to you?
A: pretty much


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Wife of one, mother of four, friend of many. Lover of details, color, good conversations, finding balance, and being honest. Passionate lover of a well-crafted sentence - even more so if it's witty. Weird blend of cynical optimist. I'm the worst kind of woman. I'm high maintenance, but I think I'm low maintenance. Somehow, people still love me. Must be grace.
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4 Responses to questionnaire

  1. Ken says:

    I’m glad you were to busy to post today. I loved the interview. I learned some things I didn’t know. Glad your back on line. I was wondering what was going on. I almost sent you an e-mail but I guess that wouldn’t have gone through either.
    Uncle Ken


  2. Loved reading this!



  3. Roy Hunsberger says:

    Yep. Ruthie, you are right about Roger having my approval after reading that letter. I don’t think I had even met him yet. But after reading that letter, I told you something like, “I would be happy to give your hand in marriage to a man like that.” I don’t have words to describe how happy I felt to realize what a heart my daughter had for serving God and reaching out to teenagers. And to think that you had found someone who not only had the same heart-felt desire but someone who also inspired and encouraged you in your heart’s desire. If you had chosen anyone else, I would have been disappointed.


  4. Uncle Dave says:

    Well, Ruthie, I have missed your words while your internet was down. This one was worth the wait; caused me to shed happy tears.

    Uncle Dave


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