wedding finery

When Julia and I went shopping in Lexington, I bought a pretty dress, thinking, “This would be perfect for Marcus and Danielle’s wedding.” But I brought it home and tried it on and Roger didn’t like it. He’s of the opinion that you wear long dresses to weddings, not short ones. (This one was knee-length.) I think if it was already summer and he was used to seeing people run around in shorts and short skirts, he wouldn’t have thought anything of it.

But, whether he’s right or wrong… I’m always more comfortable wearing clothes that I know my husband likes. I won’t let the dress go to waste – I’ll enjoy wearing it. (Probably on a date with him on some evening when he looks me over and decides that he likes that dress after all.) But until then, I’ve decided to keep my eyes open for something that we both like.

Today I was at the post office in Jackson…. all by myself… and I couldn’t resist running next door to the opportunity store to see if there were any treasures waiting for me. Oddly enough, I happened along on the day of their 10-cent sale. (They do this twice a year to make space for the next season’s clothing.) And in the back of the store, with the formal dresses, I found a long, light purple dress in my size. I bought it and I couldn’t help laughing out loud as I carried it out to the car – wouldn’t it be fun to wear a 10-cent dress to my little brother’s wedding?

This time when I tried the dress on, I got Roger’s full approval. Ha- I just might wear it after all.

Avery’s dress for the wedding may be just a little more difficult, however… When she heard that Malin was asked to be a flower girl in the wedding, her reaction was, “Mom, can I be a fairy for Marcus’ wedding??”

Even though she has several beautiful dresses hanging in her closet, I told her we could buy her a special new one to wear to the wedding. I thought it would be a simple compromise – that wearing a brand-new dress would make the day special for her and help her forget her notion that this is an occasion for a costume. So now I have another dress to keep an eye out for.

She wants it to be blue… with wings.


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3 Responses to wedding finery

  1. Joane Hunsberger says:

    Wow!! I’m anxious to see both of your finds. As for Avery. I thought she wanted a butterfly dress and I was imagining a dress with butterflies on it. I guess she was thinking of wings. Maybe she thinks Malin will be dressed up like a flower? Who knows? Malin may be able to try her dress on when you’re here. I know Mary Ellen has started on it and she knows you’re coming. Maybe that will give Avery a better idea of what to expect. Fun! Fun! Mom


  2. sarah says:

    i think a fairy dress would be awesome! but that’s just me. if it makes you feel any better about a 10 cent dress to your brother’s wedding, i wore a $50 dress to mine :o)


  3. Barb & Ken Moyer says:

    Wow & Wow I would have loved gone dress shopping with you “Your Style”. Did I understand the “flowery fairies” are coming this way some time soon. I would love to see them in any of their “style of the day” dresses or whatever. Have a Happy day.

    Aunt Barbara


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