In which we discover that a broken tooth isn’t the end of the world.

So… You know my children.

Which one of them had an accident on the trampoline Saturday evening, broke a big chip out of a front tooth and bit completely through the lower lip?

Hmmmm. Can you guess?

PS – My baby is just fine. The cut is glued and healing, and the dentist took care of the tooth today so it looks as good as ever.


About ruthie.voth

Wife of one, mother of four, friend of many. Lover of details, color, good conversations, finding balance, and being honest. Passionate lover of a well-crafted sentence - even more so if it's witty. Weird blend of cynical optimist. I'm the worst kind of woman. I'm high maintenance, but I think I'm low maintenance. Somehow, people still love me. Must be grace.
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4 Responses to In which we discover that a broken tooth isn’t the end of the world.

  1. Jeremy Sheffel says:

    Was it Wesley?


  2. Becky says:

    My guess is Wesley.


  3. Wendy says:

    Ha – I’d have guessed Wesley too except that I talked to your parents and I know the story. I won’t give it away though! Glad the tooth got fixed ; )


  4. Joanne Hunsberger says:

    So funny that they all guessed or would have guessed Wesley because when you told Dad and me we both heard Wesley instead of Judah and Wesley was getting all our sympathy until the end of the conversation when you said “So you can remember Judah” and we said “You mean Wesley?” and you said “What? no it was Judah” So we switched gears in our minds and felt bad for Judah and of course prayed for him. 🙂


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