good day, happy feet

Yesterday Roger and Avery went on a date to Lexington to sell four sheep. That left me with a free morning. Okay, so maybe Avery went with Roger because I wanted a morning to myself. It was really nice. I took the other 3 to school and spent the morning running my errands in Hazard. At noon I drove to Jackson and met some friends for lunch – then I hung out with my friend Debbie at work until it was time to go to Honor’s Day at 2:30.

I was proud of Judah when I saw that he was one of only 2 boys in the elementary school who had completed his Book-It goals for the whole six months. It said a lot to me as his mom, because the child does NOT like to read. He wasn’t being rewarded for his love of reading, but for his persistance. (Or… obedience? Much of that reading was parentally forced.) But I’m pretty sure that he worked harder for that certificate than most of the girls standing up there with him.

At Riverside they have an Accelerated Reader program where students earn points by reading library books, then taking tests on the computer. Their points stack up all year, and yesterday they were recognized for their total number of points. As far as I know, it’s an optional program – the motivated students get the points. When they recognize these kids at the end of the year, everyone gets a certificate, starting with the person with the least amount of points. (This year I think it was .09)  Malin told me not long ago that she was the first 1st grader to take a library test, so I expected to hear her name announced. But I didn’t expect that I would hear 10 names called before I heard “Malin Voth.” She worked harder for that than I’d realized.

I kept waiting and waiting to hear Wesley’s name called, because, unlike his brother, he loves to read. But after waiting through name after name after name, I decided that he had been too lazy to take any of the tests. Until I heard,  “…and with the highest number of points in the school…. Wesley Voth.”

It made me smile.

Malin also got a math award, Wesley got the Bible award in his class, and Judah got an award for cooperative attitude. I don’t remember the rest off the top of my head…

The other most exciting part of my day happened in Hazard. I had plenty of time, and some extra money to spend on myself, so I thought, “I’ll go in to Shoe Show.” (I’ve just classified myself as a typical woman, right?) It was a good decision. I found  a pair of Skechers on half-price clearance. I’d seen them before and knew I’d love them, but hadn’t even tried them on, because I hate to spend $55 on a pair of shoes. They were perfect. They make me want to run. The end.


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Wife of one, mother of four, friend of many. Lover of details, color, good conversations, finding balance, and being honest. Passionate lover of a well-crafted sentence - even more so if it's witty. Weird blend of cynical optimist. I'm the worst kind of woman. I'm high maintenance, but I think I'm low maintenance. Somehow, people still love me. Must be grace.
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5 Responses to good day, happy feet

  1. Amy says:

    I think it’s like the Oscars…you’re so pleased with your kids you’re about to explode, but you have to keep it all in & clap calmly & be civilized. Anything else would just embarrass them.


  2. MamMam says:

    I am so proud of them! I’ve been in the same place many times and it’s such a good feeling to know that your children have done well and are using the abilities God gave them and you worked to instill in them too.


  3. Joyce says:

    Sketchers – ah, nothing like ’em!

    Yay for readers! Congrats to you and them.

    BTW – did you know my books are on the AR list? At least Blue is. But I think each school district selects which titles to include on their list.

    So you could always request it!


  4. Andrew says:

    Brilliant. Now when your kids pick up the telephone I can say something more on the matter of school rather than asking what they are learning and if they are enjoying it. The latter always gives me a silent connection for several moments. Also, it is sort of a trick question to ask someone if they are enjoying school. Even the few who love their academics all through life find it dull after they have been at it for several months with scarce breaks. Impressive, though.


  5. Jeannie M Smith says:

    Congrats to your children on their accomplishments. It does a parent’s heart good to see their children rewarded for hard work and persistance. I applaud them for reading even if it isn’t their first choice of activity.


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