-happy father’s day – prologue-

I’ve been thinking about what to give this man for father’s day; he’s a hard one to shop for. I tried asking my second-best friend, Google for advice; I found all kinds of things there, but nothing really seemed right for my dad. He doesn’t fit the beer, BBQ and iPad stereotype of the modern father. He’s pretty frugal and might not appreciate his daughter throwing away money on gourmet snacks or fancy cologne that he probably wouldn’t even like. Clothing? Technology? Completely sure I’d get the wrong thing. And he’s too intelligent for gimmicky gadgets. (Like the dolphin-shaped computer mouse I just saw.)

So I’m sticking with my original plan and giving him a gift of words. I’ve been planning this for several months now and when I read some of my blogger friends’ posts on Mother’s Day, I was disappointed to realize that my idea wasn’t an original one….. oh well.

As I think back over the years, some of my favorite things my dad gave me were words. I have a box of his letters and notes tucked safely away in the cedar chest he made me. (And Roger has strict orders that if the house ever catches on fire, he gets the people out first and the cedar chest out second!)

So. With no further ado, here they are. My gift of words to my daddy.

Okay, so there’s a little more to it than that. Most of the things I like best about myself are things that I learned or inherited from him. Occasionally, I even think to myself, “I feel like my dad!” Those are my best moments – when I feel calm, steady, logical, and wise; like I could take any problem thrown at me and handle it with ease and a twinkle in my eye. But (moment being the key word) the feeling usually passes quickly and I’m left with the realization that there’s too much silly girl in me to ever be completely like my father.

I’ve learned so many things from him over the years. Too much for any busy blog-reader to digest in one sitting. So instead of writing it all out right here, I’m going to break it up into sections. Also, he’s at home in NC healing up from shingles right now. Dad, I hope these little posts over the next few days can help to break up the miserable moments. I wish I could be there this weekend with my little brother and his rainbow bright wife… Enjoy them!


About ruthie.voth

Wife of one, mother of four, friend of many. Lover of details, color, good conversations, finding balance, and being honest. Passionate lover of a well-crafted sentence - even more so if it's witty. Weird blend of cynical optimist. I'm the worst kind of woman. I'm high maintenance, but I think I'm low maintenance. Somehow, people still love me. Must be grace.
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One Response to -happy father’s day – prologue-

  1. joycemoyerhostetter says:

    I love that description of you in your best moments – it’s so easy to see his face when I read those words.

    “…when I feel calm, steady, logical, and wise; like I could take any problem thrown at me and handle it with ease and a twinkle in my eye.”


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