-the voth family takes a road trip-

Earlier this summer, our family was given a gift by a friend who said “We want to give you a little bit to go do something as a family. Our best memories are of times we took together and did stuff as a family, especially before my brother died.” His words have reminded me over and over again that a whole and healthy family is not a given. I’m reminded to make the most of the time we do have with these people I love so much.

And so… in obedience to the giver of the gift, we loaded up the minivan…

IMG_1368…and took off for a just-for-fun weekend right before school started.

IMG_1239Our first stop was the Ale8One bottling company in Winchester, KY – home of our favorite soft drink. They do free tours which we’ve never taken advantage of – that was a lot of fun. And everyone gets a free (cold) Ale8 at the end of it.

(Photo courtesy of someone other than me. Nice of them to post it online.)

Step 2 of our vacation plan was to eat at The Cantuckee Diner. But they were closed; a fact which broke our tender, hungry hearts.

IMG_1231Instead we found a decent Mexican restaurant to fill our stomachs and then took a trip to this favorite store of ours where we succeeded in mending our fractured hearts.


(If we’re going for complete honesty, I might as well say that Roger took a nap in the car and waited for me to bring him a cup of coffee after the kids and I finished shopping. The end result was that we were all happy after this trip to Half Price Books.)

Next up, since we had all kinds of time to kill, we made the spontaneous decision to follow a sign to Fort Boonesborough, which turned out to be not only a fun trip, but educational too.


For instance: I’ve heard of linsey-woolsey before, (Don’t ask me where. From a book? From my mother?) but didn’t know what it was. In the weaver’s cabin, we found out that linsey-woolsey is fabric woven of half linen, half wool. The wool keeps the (highly flammable) linen from catching on fire; the linen keeps the wool from shrinking. This probably isn’t at the top of your need-to-know list, but as we were watching the blacksmith work, we decided that we don’t give enough credit to the priests in ancient Israel. I’m sure they knew just how flammable their linen garments were. And their job involved lots of fire. Frightening.

IMG_1224Sometimes you throw out the opportunity for a photo shoot and only one pretty girl volunteers.


And one poser of a boy.IMG_1219

(That kid up there wants to point out that he’s awesome.)

And that’s all I’ll bore you with about this section of our adventure.

After a fact-filled living history tour and a drizzly family hike in the woods behind the fort, we headed to Cincinnati where we bit the bullet and, for the first time, bought two hotel rooms for our family. (Back to the complete honesty bit: Normally we pack 2 sleeping bags and pillows, and don’t bring all the kids in until after we’ve checked in – and then most often by the side door. But that probably doesn’t qualify as “information to reveal online.” Oops.)


Judah was not a fan of being a hotel room model. He’s behind the other bed, where you have no chance of spotting him.

And then… onto the Creation Museum – another first for most of us. Judah’s been there before, which was helpful because he could point us quickly to where we wanted to go and we didn’t spend quite as much time standing around looking like hopeful tourists.

This next picture is deceiving. We look happy and in love (which is not exactly a lie)… But in real life we were getting irritated with the picture-taker and yelling lots of commanding, hurry-up statements. Aren’t we good little fakers?


These guys were equally frustrated with photo time. Or some of them were. There’s one in this bunch who is always ready to smile for a camera.IMG_1276

Walking through beautiful gardens. It makes me feel rich to see my whole family spread out in front of me, especially when they’re surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant blooms.

Flipping coins into the fountain – and possibly contemplating the best way to retrieve all the previous flippers’ coins without drawing too much attention to ourselves.IMG_1280

Two sisters on a dinosaur. Isn’t that precious.IMG_1292

It’s camel time. And Avery is a fan.

Judah is too. Secretly.

Malin, feeding a zorse. Its daddy was a zebra, its mother was a horse and as a result he/she/it will never have children of its own. So it lavishes all its love on other people’s offspring. And the food in their outstretched hands.IMG_1297

Wesley. Oh, Wesley. The llamas feel right at home with you.IMG_1300

Like cowboys lined up along a fence, waiting for a peacock to fan out his tail. (Never happened.)IMG_1307

I should point out here that I made it through the whole petting zoo without touching a single animal. For those of you who wonder how deep my non-love for animals goes.

A reflection photo. I thought it would be cool to get a shot like this of our whole family, but llama-boy kept spitting in the water and messing our faces up with ripples.IMG_1336

Lunch time makes us smile.


Some of us smile just because we’re together. And because someone stuck a camera in our faces.

Out of the whole Creation Museum, this is the scene that took me most by surprise and made me laugh the most. I already knew that King Solomon liked to browse among the lilies. Evidently he learned it from his earliest ancestors, Adam and Eve. What luscious hair she has.

I just can’t end this post with that weird picture of Adam and Eve. So here’s my own lily photo from the Creation Museum gardens:

IMG_1320Thank you to our friends who encouraged us to take some time off as a family. We needed it. It was especially fun to go away with no purpose other than vacation. We’re great at multi-tasking  and doing a mashup vacation/camp business trip. But that’s not always the most relaxing family time. Thank you for the gentle kick in the pants. And the funding to make our weekend more spectacular than it otherwise would have been.


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2 Responses to -the voth family takes a road trip-

  1. Uncle Dave says:

    We were at the creation museum last Monday with Katherine and Joshua, so it all looks familiar. I learned that camels and llamas don’t “spit” … the hurl their cud at you. Yuck. And they aim for your eyes.


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