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Who am I? I’m Ruthie, wife of one, mother of four. I won’t introduce them here; they’re incredibly important to me, so pieces of them are all over this blog. (But they’re kind of all in one place here.) We live and work at a small summer camp, so I’m not your typical stay-at-home mom. Life is constantly busy all summer long, and sporadically insane for the rest of the year.

I’m a believer in grace- both the grace that was given to me, and the grace that I’m compelled to show to others. Once I sort-of-kind-of apologized to my husband for not being a person who talks the Christian lingo. I’m happy to “walk the walk,” (or at least try) but I have a hard time “talking the talk.” His (very emphatic) reply was one of the most meaningful things he’s said to me. “Please, don’t ever start! Just keep being yourself; keep being honest!” It was a very freeing moment for me; realizing that I don’t have to force myself to “sound like a Christian” in order to be a follower of Christ. You won’t find chicken soup for your soul on this blog, but since Jesus is vitally important to my life, he’s a common underlying thread in everything I write.

Why do I blog? Back in the days when I had funny little toddlers running around my house, I used to write weekly emails to our family members – always with “life here” as the subject line. After months of this, (and hoping in vain that someone else would follow my lead and tell me stories about their lives) I started wondering if people even wanted to read my babbling. So I quit the emails and started a blog. If they wanted to read my stories, they could take the initiative and subscribe. Most of them still do – plus many others.

Now, in the beginning of 2015, my children are 16, 14, 12 and 10. They don’t provide the same kind of entertaining stories as when they were toddlers, and they’re getting old enough that I have to be more careful about not embarrassing them. But I still like this writing thing. I like the feeling of connection it brings to my life. I don’t like the feeling of self-centeredness that sometimes comes along with it. When I go through long spells of not blogging, it’s usually because I feel like I’ve been talking about myself too much.

About the poetry: One of my favorite quotes comes from Lois Lowry’s book The Giver. “Precision of language, Jonas.” It’s a simple reminder to say exactly what you mean. I love the precision of using few words – and choosing them carefully. I don’t think of myself as a poet. I don’t really “know” poetry; for all I know, everything I write is trash. But some of the best stuff I’ve written so far has been poetry. And there are people who seem to like that kind of thing, so I sometimes post it on this blog.

About the title: Green was my first favorite color, and I never changed my mind about it. I do a lot of thinking and writing inside the pale green walls of my bedroom. So most of the posts on this blog are literally “thoughts from the green room.”

If you google “green room,” you’ll find that it’s a room in the theatre where performers can relax when they’re not performing – a room where they go to wait until it’s time for them to appear on stage. I’m not a “performer” in the literal sense, but I do have dreams of someday doing more as a writer than just a few blog posts here and there. For now… I’m pretty happy just to hang out in the green room and be called Mom.

I am not a special occasion. I am everyday – ordinary and usable.


6 Responses to about me

  1. Ruthie, I do like to put pics on my blog. I have highspeed and it still takes a lot of time! But you, girl – you make pictures with your words.


  2. Ruth says:

    Ruthie–I’m so pleased to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog…and speaking of things we have in common–is your birthday on Oct.4? Mine is on Oct. 5, and I will be turning 33 this year. Look forward to getting to know you more!



  3. Dad says:

    Looking at your header picture with the tulips reminds me of one day a little over thirteen years ago when my “little” girl asked me, “Dad, would it be all right if I picked one of those tulips?” And when I consented, you picked one and carried it as your bouquet in your wedding! I still think that was one of the nicest weddings I have ever attended. Dad


  4. mennodave says:

    I agree with Joyce … you are an artist with words.


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