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-books of 2015-

A year ago I found an intriguing reading challenge online. It looked like exactly my kind of thing – other than the fact that I was expected to read 50 books (52 including the trilogy) in one year. That’s a book … Continue reading

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-from booklovers everywhere-

You see me sitting here with my nose in a book, mindlessly wasting an evening on a made-up story. There can’t be any value in a novel, right? I should be doing something useful with my time. But you’re only … Continue reading

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-book review-

When I started reading Stephen King’s memoir On Writing, the last thing I expected was the feeling of discovering a kindred spirit friend. Years ago I gave up two things: horror movies and Stephen King novels. After that, I gradually … Continue reading

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-wouldn’t that be a nice change-

by the most tremendous majority ever known in the country the voters of the united states went to the polls and elected a vermonter. never before has a presidential candidate conducted himself during the campaign as did mr. coolidge he … Continue reading

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-so maybe we own a few books-

I read in a blog post recently that “the more books in one’s house, the more likely the children who live there will have more educational success.” The presence of books in the home is the biggest predictor of a child’s … Continue reading

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