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-vothlings on v-day-

Remembering that one time that we took a picture for a Valentine’s greeting… It’s even better in retrospect. Advertisements

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-happy father’s day-

a small moonlit story imagine that your first memory of brown coveralls (Carhartt, Dickies, Walls, pick your favorite brand) was the pair your daddy wore on an icy night when the two of you walked downhill, boots finding traction on … Continue reading

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-happy mother’s day-

Thanks, mom, for giving me life… …and for making life so good. I wanted to post photos of my mom and me as I was growing up, but… apparently she was almost always the one behind the camera. There weren’t … Continue reading

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Last night Avery said, “This was the best Christmas ever!” And it kind of was. We didn’t do much of anything. We opened presents in the morning. Then the kids got involved with Legos and forgot about anything breakfasty. Roger … Continue reading

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-a little christmas spirit, anyone?-

So… I might be just the tiniest bit excited that I got something published in an actual periodical that goes out to thousands of people’s homes. But I don’t often admit to being excited about something or proud of an … Continue reading

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