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-home dreaming-

Back in the days before pinterest, I used to keep a folder in my filing cabinet labeled “Home Dreaming.” I would tear cute/pretty/clever pictures out of magazines to keep for reference when we started building or remodeling our forever home. … Continue reading

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-under pressure-

Anybody know what happens when you run hot water through a garden hose?? There’s this pile of rocks below our house. Sometimes we look at it and think that it has the potential to be beautiful. More often we look … Continue reading

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-my front gate-

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-“Might I have a bit of earth?”-

I made a new discovery this year. Yeah, those don’t look so very exciting, do they? Boring old jersey work gloves. But they’re green, which sets them apart from Roger’s bigger black ones. And they’re not stiff like most gardening … Continue reading

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fixtures in motion

When I was a kid, I had no reason to believe that light fixtures did anything other than hang out on the ceiling and provide light. It never even crossed my mind that one might come down for a reason … Continue reading

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a little bit of a day

I just finished painting an entire wall of our study the color of mahogany. It’s kind of exciting to put THAT MUCH color onto a surface of your home. It feels like someone just draped a dark curtain over half … Continue reading

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dated march 5th

So much for my great idea of blogging every day during March. It seemed like a pretty good plan…. Except that I spent the first 4 days away from home…. without my laptop. (When you’re used to a laptop keyboard, … Continue reading

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