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-I’m a blogmama!-

I’ve helped several people get their blogs started and I don’t think any of them would be offended to know that this latest one is my favorite. My 12-year-old Malin has started a blog and right now she’s completely in … Continue reading

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-love. by malin b.-

Recently at school, my 10-year-old was given the assignment of answering this question:  “What is your purpose in life?” Here’s the answer she wrote out: I was created by God to serve, love and cheer up others. To give peace, … Continue reading

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I noticed some “unusual activity” on my blog this weekend. On days that I post something, there are usually around 45 views. This past Saturday there were 96 views, Monday had 82, and Sunday totally took the busiest-day-EVER-on-my-blog prize with … Continue reading

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-divorce…and dating after 80-

Malin was being quite the little drama queen this evening as I was tucking her and Avery into bed. I prayed with them and kissed them, and she started going on and on about how much she loves me. “You … Continue reading

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-sweet somethings-

During our visit to Florida, we had a fantastic lunch at a Mennonite/Amish/Dutch restaurant. While I was browsing around the gift shop afterwards, Roger paid for our meal and bought each of the kids a candy stick. Then the girls … Continue reading

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Malin comes up with some deeply theological thoughts sometimes. Lately, it seems like she’s been popping out a new one every night when I come to pray with her and tuck her into bed. I wrote a couple of them … Continue reading

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More Guessing Games

Which one of my children received 2 hardboiled Easter eggs at school, peeled them, stuck them snugly in 2 plastic eggs, then left them in his/her backpack for 4 days? When the smell finally got bad enough, my child blamed … Continue reading

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