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-the first page of my first book. done.-

We’re sitting in our small-town coffee shop eating soup and sandwiches and talking about whatever it’s legal to talk about when the people at the next table happen to be friends from real life. (Am I right? The conversation you … Continue reading

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So I’m sitting here trying to write something that’s getting lost in my head, and my way of distracting myself while attempting to multitask is to mess around with my blog and clean things up while I “think” about what … Continue reading

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-flash fiction-

Here’s something new. I never write fiction. But a good friend of mine has a habit of throwing out sentences that feel like the beginning of a short story. So I wrote her one. She supplied the first sentence and … Continue reading

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-I’m a blogmama!-

I’ve helped several people get their blogs started and I don’t think any of them would be offended to know that this latest one is my favorite. My 12-year-old Malin has started a blog and right now she’s completely in … Continue reading

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-thoughts from paradise-

There was a significant difference between thinking and writing. Writing wasn’t just the translation of interesting ideas to paper. It was its own kind of thinking, which seemed to kick in only when the pen made contact with the page, … Continue reading

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