Some of these poems poetry is worth reading more than others.  I narrowed things down for you and starred my favorites.

*A Crack in the Wall

**A Small Moonlit Story

*And Soon You’ll See…

Ashley – part 1

Ashley – part 2


**Beginning (this is the story that started it all.)

**Beyond the Borders

Blackout Poetry




Evening, When I’m Cold and Lonely


**For You, If Narnia Was the Land of Your Birth

*From the Place That I Now Call Home

**Grand Theft

Gypsy Lady


How to Describe a Redbud?

**Iron and Water

**Love in the Nooks and Crannies

**Midway Through a Long Hike

Not Quite a Trilogy

**Not So Mirror Image

**Plane Crash (When Hope Lies Dormant)

**Preventive Maintenance

**re: incarnate love


**Something That Scares Me

Still Life – With a French Twist

**Winding Down

**With the Blink of an Eye

And here’s the one lonely entry in the “and etc.” section:

A Belfry Tale

coming soon (maybe): a laundromat story


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