gypsy lady

you walk by and
      smell less than pleasant
and so I shrink away
I don’t want to hug you, but I do –
       only because you reach out first.

I’d like to give to you,
     but you take too much,
     come too close to demanding
and so I give you what you want,
         but only so you’ll leave faster

you look into my face,
     ask me a question…
and I’m distracted by
        beautiful eyes that I would
        never see
except that you step close to me

What makes me any better than you?

I smile inwardly (indulgently) at your
but I love simplicity –
why would yours make me condescend?

so you make bad choices…
so do I.
so you don’t always dress right…
       (like I’m the fashion police)

how is it that I can preach sameness,
     oneness, unity….
     refuse to ever climb a pedestal…
but look at you the way i do?





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