virtual stage

I’m not a singer. I’m not a skilled piano player. I’m not a songwriter. I don’t play guitar – not really. This webpage is the only place you’ll ever hear me sing.

Holy, Holy, Holy (audio) I’m guessing I was 8 when I recorded myself singing this one. My oldest brother was kind enough to digitize it and send it to me.

Can’t Find the Words (audio) From the spring of ’96 when my soon-to-be-fiance lived far away in Oklahoma and I was alone with a guitar, wishing for less distance between us

Silently (audio) So my brother told me that a bunch of musicians were taking part in a challenge to write and record an entire album during the month of February. He gave me a similar challenge on a smaller scale – we each wrote and recorded a song in February. Here’s mine.   […2/2012… Looking back, I want to know what I was thinking. I must have just read the Canterbury Tales or something. Who uses the word Chanticleer in a SONG?]
(the words)

Your Cousin Jenny (audio) I was kind of on a roll after my February song. This is completely fictional and I like it more than the first one. Well, I say it’s completely fictional, but it’s written from the point of view of someone with my personality who has a husband a lot like mine.
(the words)

A Love Song (audio) I wrote this one for my grandma.
(the words are in this post)


One Response to virtual stage

  1. ticoandtina says:

    I wanted you to know that I just listened to all of these. I especially loved how you slurped back some spit in the first one 😀 I’ve listened to your Silently and Cousin Jenny before and I like them. I like your writing style in general. I have a bunch of lyrics that I’ve been wanting to turn into songs for years but I have never been too inspired with the music part of things… I’m hoping this will be the year that changes.


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