Your Cousin Jenny

Your cousin Jenny called
She said she’d be here later tonight
What a surprise
But then it’s always a surprise
When Jenny calls
I’ll make up the extra bedroom
We’ll have her favorite quiche for breakfast
Be prepared to stay up late with her
She’ll want to talk

You’ve forgotten that book in your hands
You’re staring into space again
What’s on your mind?
Oh, never mind. I know what’s on your mind
Whenever Jenny calls
“What happened to that girl I knew?
She’d win the prize for Bible verses…
She had a smile that brightened any room,
She loved to laugh…”

That pot of decaf’s getting cold
My favorite Dickens novel is getting old
I’m off to bed
Come get me out of bed
When Jenny gets here

If I know you, you’ll be on that couch til dawn
You’ll try to help her figure out
Where she went wrong this time
And if I know her, you’ve cast your pearls
Before the one that least deserves – again

Your cousin Jenny called
She found a place to stay last night
Well, isn’t that… nice
And you know there’s really no surprise
When it’s Jenny that calls
She met a trucker at a rest stop
And now they’re halfway home to Texas
She can’t believe you waited up all night
For her to come


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