not so mirror image

Desperation drew me to you:
       longing for someone like me
       to relate to

Knowing you
       was like…
finding an oil painting of
a foreign goddess
where I expected to find
a mirror

When I looked inside the frame,
nothing matched

Your eyes-
     looking out, viewed the world in ways (that
        ridiculous me
        thought were foolish)
-so different from mine.

But wanting prevailed,
and I studied the swirls and curls of you
and found…
…a side of me that I had never met
              and kind of liked

and that…
between our two windows on the world,
there is a hallway
where we can walk side by side
     -if only for a short distance-
as friends.


(This is for all of my friends who I have next to nothing in common with. Inspired by a conversation with my cousin and friend who really IS a lot like me.)


2 Responses to not so mirror image

  1. NCMamMam says:

    It’s funny how some of the people I originally thought I had the least in common with turned out to be some of my dearest friends.


  2. ten4ruthie says:

    ha! 🙂 me too.


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