not quite a trilogy

Scavenger Hunt #24

Write stories or poems inspired by daydreaming to the following three Carolyn Coalson paintings (in order “Element of Merk”, “Revlon 1957” , “Untitled Blues”)
(Somehow, over time, the mysterious internet stole the pictures attached to this post. I found one of them again, but had no luck with the other two. I guess you get to use your imagination? For the first one, picture a vague piece of modern art in intense green. The second was another piece of abstract art, either shades of red or maybe shadowy greys with a slash of red through it. -1/15)

not quite a trilogy

in an anne shirley moment,
you waxed poetic
(your mistake was in thinking you were alone
and speaking out loud)
in that misty, mystical spot
where, out of all fairness, dreams should come true.
if you had known that i,
like you,
had escaped the group
to re-admire – minus the informative chatter –
would you have said
something different than what i shouldn’t have heard?

We were out behind the shop, ten-year-old toes dodging ant hills and chestnut burrs on the cracked red clay, when something between us changed. For the first time, our walls of time and distance became a screen door through which laughter carries clearly. The stories inside my head and yours got mixed up together until finally, the door swung open, and you reached through and touched my hand. We never did remember to close it.

untitled blues


she stands forlorn in the puddle of a rainy-day streetlight
in the night-dark afternoon
while the world melts around her
and drips off her drooping shoulders
in her perfection that no one sees
with her frazzled mind that wants
and her slim, sweet body that wills her to experience life
just a little longer in this haven of damp solitude
where the wise never do enter for more than a dashing moment.
soon, soaked,
she’ll shake out her curls,
and go home to a dry dress and heels and
dinner on the table at 6.



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