Scavenger Hunt

Once upon a time… my friend and I took part in a writing scavenger hunt. Basically, you’re given a list of writing topics and you do what it says. It was lots of fun, but ended up taking more time than I’d expected – I never did finish the challenge. I’m a perfectionist that way. If I can’t do it well, I won’t do it at all. Sad but true.

2. Write a love poem incorporating the following words: rabbit, glass, mud, super nova, Motel 6.

4. Write a story or poem incorporating this sentence: She wore her green dress, the one the color of spring onions.

5-8. Write poems or stories inspired by the following pictures

9. Write a travel Haibun

11. Write something set in a laundromat.

12. Creat something in which a lobster is a symbolic centerpiece – mode of creation open.

14. Create something in which fire is a center piece – mode of creation open.

24. Write stories or poems inspired by daydreaming to the following three Carolyn Coalson paintings (in order”Element of Merk”,”Revlon 1957″,”Untitled Blues”)

26. Create something in which death is a central theme – mode of creation open.

27. Creat  a post incorporating the following: butterfly, sawdust, Mack truck, blood, ocean – mode of creation open.

29. Write something that scares you.

30-33. Write poems or prose based on the following: (4 pictures)

34. Create something with indepedence as a central theme – mode of creation open.

35. Write a poem or prose incorporating the following sentence: I’ve loved you since before you were born.

39. Create a post about flying – interpretation and mode of creation open.

40. Creat a post reflecting your life’s “bucket list” – mode of creation open.


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