-smoked brisket-

Beef Brisket

Lowry’s Season Salt
Course Ground Black Pepper
Temperature probe
Warm up the smoker to 225 (+/- 5) degrees.  Get some good wood chips smoldering in the fire box (we used apple for a mild flavor).  Beef absorbs the smoke readily so you don’t want to overdo the smoke flavor.
Cut extra fat from the brisket.  Rub season salt and black pepper all around the outside of the brisket.  Add some other spices or seasonings if you have some you like.  If you want more “kick” add some red pepper.
Put the meat in the smoker with the temperature probe halfway between the thin end and the middle of the brisket.
Keep the heat low (200-230) and slowly smoke the meat.  The internal temperature of the meat will slowly climb.  When it (the internal temperature) gets around 160 to 170 take the meat off the smoker.  Wrap it in plastic wrap (saran wrap, etc).  Then wrap it a second time in plastic wrap.  The plastic wrap will keep the flavorful juices in with the meat.  Then wrap aluminum foil to cover the whole thing.  Place it back in the smoker with the temperature probe in the thick end.
Now the goal is to get the entire brisket up to 195-200 degrees.  Wrapping it will allow you to do that without the meat drying up.
Once the meat is done, turn the heat off and let it set for 15-20 minutes.  You can also put the meat in a typical “ice chest.” and the meat will stay warm for up to 2 hours if you aren’t opening it every couple of minutes to smell the aroma.
Open up the wrapping, being careful to collect the juice.  Cut the brisket into half inch thick slices, and set it back in its own juices and serve promptly.

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