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-time flies when you’re having fun-

Eighteen years ago, I was desperate to have a baby. And when I say desperate, I mean I’d already been to the hospital once and they’d sent me back home. NOT the most encouraging moment of my life. I was … Continue reading

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-happy mother’s day-

Thirteen and a half years ago, I became a mother. Sweet, contented Judah. This made MY mother very happy. That amazing kid celebrated his 2nd birthday and had no idea how much his life was about to change. I’m not … Continue reading

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This makes me sad. There’s my confession: I like boys with long hair. I’m also the mom who snaps at my kids when they decide to tuck their shirts in: “Get your shirt out of your pants. That looks tacky!”

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-hugging boys-

Judah: Mom, last night I had a dream that I was taller than you…. like I was in high school. And when I hugged you, it felt like I was hugging somebody short… like Avery. Maybe I’m missing the point, … Continue reading

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It’s interesting to me to see how each of my children view (and spend) money differently. I wonder if they’ll have similar spending habits twenty years from now. Judah is a careful saver – not exactly a miser – but … Continue reading

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-bowling buddies?-

Malin got her words mixed up the other day and it really amused me – she had me laughing for awhile. We were just driving down the road to Hazard when out of the blue she said, “I think Judah … Continue reading

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“The stars may lie, but the numbers never do (I feel lucky)”

At a quick dinner-table poll this evening, I found out that I’m going to have 16 grandchildren. 2 from Judah 4 from Wesley 4 from Malin 6 from Avery Sounds good to me…

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